Where Has Janice Been?

I know, it seems like I fell off the planet. I have a number of partially written posts, and partially begun projects. The past few months have been an unending stream of sicknesses (mostly me and/or the 2-year-old twins) and family emergencies.

Also, for the past few months, I’ve worked heavily on my husband’s site (and as some of you know, my husband is my business partner at GeekArtist). I worked on a site for his new project, WeaselPants Productions, LLC which is his new tabletop game company. His background is in video game design, but he loves making tabletop (cards and board) games too. He’s a brilliant game designer with an awesome sense of humor.

This was months of work and is using a lot of updated design concepts and code, and my shiny new Thesis WordPress framework. I’d say this is the culmination of 11 years of professional web design and development experience and I worked my butt off and lost a lot of sleep to make this happen, and happen on schedule.

Check out his fabulous website, with his hilarious and brilliant new game, featuring the fabulous art of David Reddick.

He let me have pretty much free reign with the design. He wanted the asymmetrical shapes, and originally he wanted the shapes as all of the buttons in the left navigation on the website. I realized that made it entirely too busy, but we could pull them in using them as the “on” state for the navigation buttons, and tie it to the rest of the site using these shapes for other buttons, such as submit buttons on forms, “learn more”, etc. I also used his awesome logo, also created by David Reddick, throughout the site as fun delighters.

I really enjoyed the web design and development process on this site. I got the opportunity to try a few new things and a had bit more creative leeway than I typically get from more formal businesses and their websites.

So, GeekArtist’s helpful posts will return, (and I hope this one helped a bit too). Just bear with me as I get back into my routine. I do have a number of posts coming and a lot of changes are happening at GeekArtist.

And if you are just absolutely going through withdrawal…

If you ever just want to see what I’m up to when I can’t get anything posted here, sometimes I write at janiceschwarz.com and my husband writes at skippyslist.com.


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