How to Set Up eShop for WordPress

First, you’ll want to set up shipping and sales tax options.

Go to

Settings > eShop

Sales Tax
If you plan to charge sales tax, select Yes. For number of tax bands: if you only need to charge 1 sales tax rate, enter 1. Otherwise, enter any other numbers you need. Then Save Changes.

A new menu will appear that says Eshop Tax Rates. The example below is for 1 rate in 1 state.

eShop Tax

Once you have set your tax rate(s), look to the right. You need to Enable Tax. Select Yes the the Save Changes button above.

enable Tax


If you do not plan to charge for shipping, you do not need to do anything.

Now to add products to eShop

Go to

Pages > Add New

Enter your product name where it says Enter Title Here

To add a product image, place your cursor where you want the picture to go, then click the Upload/Insert button shown in the image below.

add photo to wordpress

Most of you can find your way from there.

Use alternate text (just describe the image or use the product name).

Type in your product information.

For more options to edit your blog (font colors, and so on), click the Show/Hide Kitchen sink button to toggle it of or on. If your 2nd row of editing buttons disappears, look for the Kitchen Sink button and see if it has been toggled to off.

steps 3 and 4 to add pages to WP

Click image to enlarge

Best Practice!

IMPORTANT! Never copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word. The code from Word to website is not friendly for your site. Please use either

  • Paste as Plain Text
  • Paste from Word
step 5: adding text to WordPress page

Click image to enlarge

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