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Custom web application for custom needs. For internal or public use. #php #html #css #javascript


Design landing pages or full fledged websites and optimize for conversion. Creatives for marketing purposes. #ui #ux #flat


Crafting and executing a marketing strategy tailored just for your business. #b2b #b2c #youtube #linkedin


Optimize your brand’s representation on Google, Amazon & TripAdvisor. #positive #genuine

B2B digital marketing

Success on LinkedIn, One Follower at a Time

Whether you are are conglomerate or a small business, you need to be on where your customers are. And we bet your customers are on LinkedIn, the largest professional network in the world. Like all social media marketing, success is measured in terms on metrics. And the one metrics that we are focused on growing for you are your LinkedIn followers. The GeekArtist strategy to win on LinkedIn is through the network effect. We write industry specific articles and then post them on LinkedIn. We design insightful infographics. Together these serves to attract your potential customers to follow you on LinkedIn.

You must be thinking LinkedIn followers is just a vanity metrics. We beg to differ. Research shows that social metrics in fact heavily influences both your customers trust and your ranking on LinkedIn. By helping you grow these metrics, we are in fact helping you strengthen your customer’s trust in your brand. 

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Success on YouTube, One Subscriber at a Time

If you are targeting end consumers, especially millenials, YouTube is the platform that you have spend the bulk of your marketing budget. People of all ages are on YouTube watching tutorials, music covers, live streaming and subscribing to their favourite personalities. There is so much content on YouTube that it caters for every possible interest, including in your niche. Which is why our primary marketing objective should be how we can attract interested consumers to be your YouTube subscriber. Once they become your YouTube subscriber, they will be notified when you post a new video. Your video would also appear on their YouTube feed. Basically you will have a lot of opportunity to get your subscriber’s attention.

GeekArtist expertise is in design & marketing. First, we help you design attractive video thumbnails, video intro & outro and channel art. Then we help you market your YouTube videos on Facebook groups, sub Reddits and forums. This is a step most YouTubers usually skip. Social networks are great to attract YouTube subscribers since they are already accustomed to following, liking on other networks.

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web design + web development

We save the best for the last. Our bread and butter, totally awesome, award winning and fully organic web design & web development. You need an awesome landing page once you have successfully attracted your potential customers. That’s when GeekArtist come in. We don’t just build websites for you, your customers, but we also SEO optimize for the search engines. Oh, and we build websites that loads really fast for all browsers as well.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Our relationship with you has been a super experience. Your YouTube skills have been an asset to BKL. We appreciate the work you have done for us over the past few years. I enjoyed working with you, and appreciate the time we shared and everything we’ve been through. I will always value the work you have done for us at BKL.

Gail Wright

Bill Kennedy Landscape

I’ve have the pleasure of working with Geek Artist several times since the inception of our company, with everything from marketing to web design. Janice and her team worked directly one-on-one with us to ensure our needs were met, and gauging progress with use each step of the way. We were very pleased with our support from the team, and our ability to receive immediate assistance when needed. I would recommend Geek Artist wholeheartedly.

Shirley Walker

Complete Provider Resource

I am not technologically savvy. GeekArtist has been wonderful in handling my LinkedIn account for the last 5 years or so. They are very good at saving me money and not breaking the bank on the upkeep and maintenance of my site. I highly recommend their services.

Paul Premazon

The Magick Cauldron

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