About GeekArtist Web Solutions

Our focus is providing reasonably priced, high quality, one-stop shopping for your web services needs with an emphasis on high-quality customer service. We offer web design, web development, and other services you need to manage and enhance your website.

Business Philosophy

A web designer can not create an outstanding web site working in a vacuum. Therefore, the more we know about you and your business, the better we can create a web site reflecting the business’s style. Designer and client must work together to create a website.

Communication is important: We want to keep you informed every step of the way in the design process. It helps keep you and the project on track. Additionally, if you see something you don’t understand or don’t like, tell us. We’ll be happy to fix it, or explain why it is necessary to take the steps we are taking. We’re not here to be your yes-men and we don’t expect you to be ours either.

Knowledge is power: We want you to understand the process of creating a web site, maintaining it, and how to draw customers. The more you understand this information, the better your site will be and the more business you will draw. Don’t want to know about this stuff? Don’t care? Just want us to handle it while you take care of your business? No problem, we can do that too. We want what works for you.

You’re no dummy: It is very common for those who don’t work in the tech field or are new to having a website to say “well, I’m dumb about this” or “I feel stupid”. Look at it like this: do you feel stupid because you can’t fix your car, lay pipe for your home, grow your own food, or perform open heart surgery? Of course not! Everyone has a specialty. This just happens to be ours. We’re not going to talk down to you for not knowing all about this stuff. After all, its our job to know this, not yours.

Forget the hype: There is a lot of misinformation out there about websites, how to make money from them, and how much money you can make. Some of the information on the web about websites, blogs, and SEO is just old. We’re going to tell you how it is, plain and simple. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

We want your site to be successful: No one wants a site that doesn’t help their organization. We prefer your site be a great hit, and We’ll do our best to make it that way. This will also require assistance on your part, and we’ll let you know what steps to take to better market your site. Don’t make a website and then ignore it. Keep working with it.

A website is no longer optional: Growing numbers of people will not work with an organization that does not have a web site. Websites are no longer optional if you want to be taken seriously.

Call a web designer for business and non-profit web sites: While HTML, XHTML & CSS are very easy to learn, it takes years of practice to learn to write it correctly and get beyond the basics with it. Additionally, there are a great many other subjects of study that are a part of great web design too, such as legalities of accessible design and copyright. If you don’t want to look like an amateur business, don’t have an amateur make your site.

No one likes spam: We reserve the right to refuse to work with any business that uses spam as a means of “advertising”. Email is not free. This means: the more email is sent, the more money ISPs and web hosts must spend on mail servers, causing rates for those services to increase. Internet users (your potential customers) do not like spam. Further, there is a clause in Terms of Service for those hosting with me stating that spammers will be shut down and banned from these servers.

Web Design and Development Philosophy

Your site’s visitors should not have to hunt for information or feel lost. Confusing navigation, too much navigation, and inconsistent navigation are the downfall of many sites. A pretty website is no good if it can’t be used. Not all of your site visitors are Internet Pros.

Web sites should be viewable on any browser and operating system: Whether your visitors are using Internet Explorer, some other browser, or are blind and using a site reader, they should have easy access to the information on your pages. Telling your visitors what browser to use to visit your site is like telling your customers what color shirt to wear to visit your store. The site may not look the same on every system, but I try and keep it close and usable.

Web pages should load quickly: While the latest bells and whistles can look nice and be fun, they frequently increase the time it takes for a page to load. No one likes to wait for a web page to load and web surfers love their “back” button.

Web sites should look pleasant and clean: These days, people prefer nicer looking web sites. This also means text on pages should be brief and arranged in a manner where the information is easy to find. A cluttered web page loses visitors.

Web design is not just about “our vision” or “your vision”: Beware those with a vision for your site. Frequently, that vision is not what will appeal to your customers. Sure, we want the site to be YOU but we also want your customers to like it and to keep coming back for more. Websites can be art, but don’t get too stuck on any one concept. Sometimes, we have to let that go to ensure the site works well for your visitors.

A Different Kind of Web Design Firm

We care about YOU: Wouldn’t it make sense that we would answer emails? You’re important to us. Let us show you just how much by taking the time to answer your questions.

You want a web team you can get in touch with: We know you have questions too. Let us answer them and help guide you to having the best website possible. Your website should give you a return on your investment. Let us make a website that can do that so you get the most from it.

You can also go a la cart! We can work with any existing services you have such as web hosting, and other web designers and developers. Just let us know what you need.

Get to know us, see our services, or just contact us today!