Free Web Hosting Stuffs

Expert hosting with convenient, personalized service

When you have a website you need a web host to serve it up so people can see it.

Rather than go to another host and have us authorized to contact the host on your behalf, let us host for you. This way, you’ve got one-stop shopping for your website needs.

You’ll get to know your support staff by name, and that we’re always happy to answer questions.

Experienced staff can provide convenient hosting and support, saving you time and headache. If you are a do-it-yourself website owner, we have hosting service available for you too!

Need your own domain ( We can help with that too. Order your domain now. Get in touch to make sure you’re ordering the right domain for your needs, and getting all the domains you need to cover your bases.

One hosting package, one price

Most web hosts offer far more storage space, bandwidth, and other options than most of their customers will ever use. And each package offered is progressively more than their customers will need. Rather than give you a bunch of confusing options to pick from, we’ve made it simple: one package, one price.

If you do begin …

Website Copy

Written Text For Your Site

Not comfortable writing? Are words just not your thing? That’s ok, writing is fun for us!

We can let you know what information we need from you to craft the text that will appear on your site. Our job is to make website messages clear and easy to understand. We’ll write your copy by sending you a list of questions. All you do is answer the questions and we will take that to create the text that will appear on your site.

Want a blog but have no time to write?

We have professional, experienced, ghostwriters on staff that can blog for you. You give us the topics you want addressed, we learn about your tone, style, and business image. You also provide any thoughts and other notes you have on each subject. Then we craft the words to go in each blog post. You may have final approval on each post if you prefer or we can post without it if you don’t have the time to check each post.

Just let us know if you need this service either as part of your web design package or if you are hiring us to …

Social Networking, Web Software, and Web Design Training

Get your own Geek-to-English Translator!

Get help learning how to use:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • WordPress
  • Web Design
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • And more!
Janice Schwarz has been a software instructor since 1999. In addition to teaching in private homes and businesses, she has also taught at:–
University of Texas at Austin Adult Education on behalf of The Wizard of Austin 
– Kerrville Independent School District Adult Continuing Education
– Deitert Senior Center, Kerrville, TXShe has worked with many different levels of experience, small groups, and individuals. She has a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. Computer skills are vital in the world today and my job is to help you succeed!

NOTE ABOUT WEB DESIGN INSTRUCTION: Anyone claiming you will be an amazing designer in 3 easy sessions or in just a few months are full of it. Learning web design takes time. This is just like learning any new profession: practice, practice, practice!

If you are interested in learning it, I will teach you. However, do not expect to be at a professional level in only a few days, weeks, or months.

Web design instruction is available for the Garland and DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) areas in Texas. Training …

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Promoting Your Site Through Search Engines

All websites created by GeekArtist Web Solutions have HTML already optimized for search engines.

But properly structured HTML, page names, keyword rich content, and internal linking isn’t quite enough. Gone are the days of swapping links, links exchanges, and link farms. Google doesn’t like those and you will get dinged if you attempt them.

More than anything, what will help you are

  • getting quality links from high ranking websites (such as Facebook or the Better Business Bureau)
  • quality, well-written content crafted for both search engines AND your site visitors
  • lots of content on the subject or subjects related to your business or organization
  • keeping your content updated and fresh.

We can also take other steps to drive traffic to your site, such as assistance with social networking.

SEO pricing depends entirely upon your needs and budget. Any website created by GeekArtist Web Solutions is already created with HTML optimized for search engines.

SEO Website Design and Development

All websites made by GeekArtist get:

  • Search Engine and Directory Submission
  • Sitemaps submitted to Google, Bing, Yahoo, & Ask
  • Customized Error (404) pages to slow customer bounces
  • On-site Search
  • Submission to Google & Yahoo Local Business
  • Submission to,,,

Graphic Design

Need a Logo, Icons or Other Custom Art?

Need a logo? Letterhead? A PowerPoint presentation?

Annual Report?

Banners for online advertising?

Need a custom background for your Twitter page?

We can do that.

Custom graphics and icons are created for your site too.

At GeekArtist, logo design and other graphic design services aren’t treated like fine art. This isn’t about our vision as an artist. Logo design is about creating a look that you are happy with.

We both want a look that reflects you and your organization and is memorable and attractive to your target audience.

Just Need Your Website Designed?

Are you a developer who wants a nice-looking site but design isn’t your thing?

Are you a non-profit or business that has a developer on-hand to code but need someone to create the look?

Then PSD to HTML services are for you!

After consulting with you and learning your needs, goals, all about your target demographic, and so on, we create mockups in Photoshop for you. When we find a design and layout you like, we send you the PSD file for your developer to use to create a new site with, or redesign your existing site. (Yes, we label all Photoshop layers so you …

Email Newsletter Management

Designed, Written, Sent!

Confused trying to figure out how to design an email newsletter? Or can you figure it out but lack the time to manage it? Not so sure about email marketing or design best practices?

Need a hand writing the content? How about managing your mailing lists and getting email newsletters sent?

We understand email marketing best practices, from design, to writing email copy, to managing mailing lists and sending emails. Let us make your email campaigns more effective. Let us take one more task off your plate so you are free to focus on other aspects of day-to-day work.

We work with your current mailing list and can set up pages on your site so new list members may join your email list. We adhere to no-spam practices to ensure your emails’ likelihood of hitting your customers’ inboxes. We also have experience working with web-based email marketing and management sites such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, and Vertical response.…

Web Design and Development, Redesigns, and Website Maintenance

Why GeekArtist?

Our websites are made:

  • for search engines (SEO)
  • for your site visitors (usability and user experience/UX)
  • to reflect your organization (branding)
  • to look and work great in most browsers (cross-platform)
  • to load quickly (for SEO & so your visitors don’t hit the back button)
  • for people of all abilities and disabilities to use (accessible, Section 508, & ADA compliant)

We offer:

  • great customer service
  • installment payments
  • financing
  • one-stop shopping (website design, development, & maintenance, web hosting, domains, and more)
  • custom Resonet and AvantBiz web design from Penang, Malaysia
  • website redesigns
  • WordPress template website installation and customization (for the DIY owner – not just for blogs!)
  • e-commerce sites
  • blogging sites

You don’t have to host with us, we just offer it as a convience for our customers. It saves both you and us a few gray hairs.

If you already have a designer and just need a developer, no problem!

If you’ve got developer and just need a designer, no problem!

We’re flexible and can work with a variety of budgets and website needs.

No matter what look and feel you need, we can make …

Consulting Services

Do you have an existing site that is just not doing what you want? You’re not attracting customers? Or, you have good traffic but not enough leads or sales? Are you just not happy with it and not sure why? Perhaps you’re just wondering if it could be better than it is?

No problem!

Have a web veteran, with 14 years experience designing and promoting websites, and 18 years working in the Internet industry, examine your site.

I will examine:

  • Design and layout
    • Will site visitors do what you want them to do?
    • Can site visitors do what they want to do?
    • Is the site professional looking?
    • Does the site generate a sense of trust?
    • Is the design dated or does it look like it matches current web design trends?
  • SEO issues
  • Your site code
  • Site/page load times
  • The site from a perspective of what you are trying to achieve
  • The site from a perspective of your target demographics
  • The site on various devices (such as iPad and smartphone)
  • Your site in various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, and 9)
  • Your Social Networking pages (if you have any that are obviously linked on your site)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter page
    • Google+