How to Set Up Domain Mail in Gmail

Yes, you can have [email protected] (or whatever) in Gmail. They allow up to 5 accounts.

NOTE: This is not a tutorial for Google Apps mail, just the standard personal Gmail accounts.

First, log into Gmail (of course).

Then look to the top-right, and you’ll see a gear icon. Click it, and you’ll see a drop down menu where you can click Settings

Click the Accounts tab

Now look down a bit for Send Mail As and click the Add Another Email Address You Own link:

A pop-up window will appear. Make sure you’ve disabled your pop-up blocker, or check to see if your browser is asking if you want to allow the pop-up, if you do not see the pop-up.

On the next screen, just use the default Send through gmail option and click Next:

Now Google would like to verify that you have access to that account. Just follow the next steps Gmail walks you through, and then I’ll show you how to check that email address for email, even if it’s not set up yet.

Now, to check that email. If you host with us, or if your web hosts uses cPanel, here’s what you do (if you are with Dreamhost, GoDaddy, or any other host that doesn’t use cPanel, check their instructions. If you are our client, use our ticketing system and we’ll give you a hand if you are still stuck after this tutorial.

For GeekArtist Hosting clients
Log into cPanel. Use the welcome email message you received for the address and your logins.

From there, look down the page a bit for the Mail section and you should see the Email Accounts icon on the left.

Now look for the email address you are setting up. To the far right, you’ll see a More link.
Click More then Access Web Mail

Now, login into that account:

From there, you can choose from any of 3 mail applications to check mail. You can use any. Just click one, go to the Inbox, open the email from Google and click the link provided. That verifies your address.

You’re not done yet! Back to Gmail!
Go back to the gear icon and click Settings again.
Click the Accounts tab again.
Scroll down the page, and look for Check mail from other accounts (using POP3):

Another pop-up appears. Enter your email address and click Next Step.

THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR CUSTOMERS WHO HOST WITH GEEKARTIST. If you host elsewhere, get your outgoing mail server settings from your web host.

Make sure you enter your login as your full email address:

Enter your password.
Pop Server is: For example, since my domain is, I just enter:

Leave everything unchecked. Click Add Account.

You’re done! Go to your inbox and send yourself a test message to ensure your email is set up correctly.

Didn’t work? Still stuck? If you are our client, use our ticketing system and we’ll give you a hand. No extra charge for email setup; it’s one of the many services we provide as a web host.