Free Web Hosting Stuffs

Expert hosting with convenient, personalized service

When you have a website you need a web host to serve it up so people can see it.

Rather than go to another host and have us authorized to contact the host on your behalf, let us host for you. This way, you’ve got one-stop shopping for your website needs.

You’ll get to know your support staff by name, and that we’re always happy to answer questions.

Experienced staff can provide convenient hosting and support, saving you time and headache. If you are a do-it-yourself website owner, we have hosting service available for you too!

Need your own domain ( We can help with that too. Order your domain now. Get in touch to make sure you’re ordering the right domain for your needs, and getting all the domains you need to cover your bases.

One hosting package, one price

Most web hosts offer far more storage space, bandwidth, and other options than most of their customers will ever use. And each package offered is progressively more than their customers will need. Rather than give you a bunch of confusing options to pick from, we’ve made it simple: one package, one price.

If you do begin actually using more than the allotted bandwidth, storage, email, databases, or other options, we can talk with you about your options. Depending to what degree your site is growing, we will either just up your allotment or, in extreme cases, suggest your own server. Again, these are rare and extreme cases. Most people will never need to move beyond the hosting package we have.

Pricing Options

  • No setup fee
  • First month is free (using coupon code 1STMONTHFREE)
  • Discounts for paying quarterly (every 3 months) or annually (once a year)
    • Annual Payment (1 Year): $102.00
    • Quarterly Payment (3 months): $28.50
    • Monthly Payment: $10.00

Package Features

Give us a try! Get your first month of hosting FREE (with coupon code). First 10 customers get extra $100 worth of FBNI credit for free product testing USA. At GeekArtist, You Get:

Customer Service

  • Personalized service
  • Email setup on your server
  • Assistance setting up email on your computer
  • Training on how to do-it-yourself


  • SSL
  • Multi-Homed Connections
  • GnuPG PGP Secure Email Encryption
  • Multi-firewall Protection
  • SSH/SFTP Access

Just What You Need

  • Disk space: 5 Gigs
  • Bandwidth: 25 Gigs
  • Add On Domains: 40
  • Parked domains: 40
  • Subdomains: 40
  • MySQL5 Databases: 40
  • Email Accounts: 40
  • Internal Email Aliases: unlimited
  • FTP accounts: 40


  • Uncrowded Servers
  • Dual Processor Quad Cores


  • Customer Web Portal
  • Webmail Access
  • Easily Accessible Support
  • Personable, Personalized Service
  • Blogging Software
  • Content Management Systems
  • Shopping Carts
  • Fantastico Installer
  • Softaculous Installer
  • cPanel
  • Site Backups
  • MailScanner Spam Protection

And More

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Hardened PHP5
  • Perl
  • Apache 2
  • Raid Disks
  • ImageMagick/GD Library

Still Not Convinced?

You may be saying: “But X Web Host is offering a lot more for a lot less”.

Sort of.

They are also offering a lot more than you will ever need or use. Most web hosts do. Even we are.

What you are really paying for, with every web host, is quality of service. And sometimes, you get what you pay for. Isn’t it worth it to know you have a web host with systems that your web designer knows well, and has reliable, convenient, personalized service? Peace of mind can be worth the price.