Website Copy

Written Text For Your Site

Not comfortable writing? Are words just not your thing? That’s ok, writing is fun for us!

We can let you know what information we need from you to craft the text that will appear on your site. Our job is to make website messages clear and easy to understand. We’ll write your copy by sending you a list of questions. All you do is answer the questions and we will take that to create the text that will appear on your site.

Want a blog but have no time to write?

We have professional, experienced, ghostwriters on staff that can blog for you. You give us the topics you want addressed, we learn about your tone, style, and business image. You also provide any thoughts and other notes you have on each subject. Then we craft the words to go in each blog post. You may have final approval on each post if you prefer or we can post without it if you don’t have the time to check each post.

Just let us know if you need this service either as part of your web design package or if you are hiring us to freshen up text on an existing site. Get to know our writing abilities by surfing through this site. You can also view our business blog.

We Have Two Writers on Staff to Help You Craft the Perfect Pages and Posts

Leah Bellamy has spent 11 years writing ad copy and magazine articles for real estate agencies, and is also well-suited for writing site copy for attorneys too. Leah has 35 years experience as a legal assistant, and has ghost-written a column for the Environmental Law Journal!

She has spent years writing contracts, court pleadings, wills, real estate documents, correspondence, and other content for lawyers and real estate offices. We know busy lawyers don’t have time to write all copy for their site. Leave it to a professional and relax, knowing it is in good hands.

Her extensive experience writing ad copy comes in handy for writing blog posts, website banner text, or copy for your own print ads.

Janice Schwarz has 14 years experience writing website copy for pages and blog posts. She knows how to craft text that will grab your audience’s attention while using the right key words and phrases for search engine optimization.

Due to 13 years writing for a variety of industries, she’s at ease researching your industry and your competition. In addition to having spent years teaching adult education, she has also written all of the helpful website guides and tutorials on the GeekArtist site, as well as written all content on the GeekArtist Web Solutions website.

She edits a wide variety of client sites too, including the popular humor site Skippy’s List. She is just as comfortable writing informally for blogs or for writing formal documentation for sites due to her extensive academic career.